Magog & Lake Memphremagog - A beautiful region to discover!


Welcome to Magog & Lake Memphremagog website! It is dedicated to this magnificent region of Quebec. With it’s many lakes, trees and parks, it is truly a wonder in every season. We are especially interested in the history of Magog and what is around it.

Magog - R. Courtemanche (Nov. 2009) Magog - Jacques Courtemanche (around 1998)

Aerial view of Magog (on the right is from a height of 3 km or 10,000 feet)

Enjoy your visit! Feel free to send us information you think we are missing or send us beautiful photos of Magog that we can add in the Photos page. You can contact us at

Magog from an old stereoscope picture Magog looking north across Magog River

Magog from an old stereoscope picture (left) and Magog looking north across Magog River, photo taken from Park House balcony (right)

Many thanks to The Magog Historical Society, Jacques Boisvert, William Francis “Billy” Connor, Jacques Courtemanche, Sue Beattie, Edward Gauvin and my two sisters Linda and Donna for their contributions.

This site was constructed and thought up by Aven A. Comeau of Magog.

  • 2016/12/13 11:02 Robert (Bob) Kirby said,

    I visited Magog this past summer was surprised how much it had changed to a tourist town with its main street resturants and the boats tied up in the river which I used to swim down from the Tennis court to home keeping to the right of the big rock going a ashore by the Company Blocks.
    Still call Magog my home town after spending most of my life in Europe and different parts of Canada and I retired in BC.

  • 2016/09/28 11:21 Gerry Hoyt said,

    My Hoyt family lived in Magog (Joseph Hoyt ) No. 5 16th Range of Bolton, now Magog, Quebec, Canada Your area is so beautiful. Joseph was loyal to England and is buried in Magog somewhere. Some of his children stayed in the area, others came back to America with their mother when Joseph died. Am proud of our family Canadian background. sincerely, gerry hoyt11

  • 2015/05/16 16:50 Paul Beaudry said,

    Linda Di Domenico if your family members were Catholic the Catholic church in Magog will have records of birth. My father was able to trace my family all the way back to the 1600″s.

    Paul Beaudry
    Now in Florida
    Lived in Magog from 1975 to 1979

  • 2015/04/09 1:10 MagogQuebec said,

    You can try checking the cemetery. It’s always a good place to start. You can also ask people at church, they have many records that can help you track down what you’re looking for.

  • 2015/03/24 22:13 Linda Di Domenico said,

    I have recently discovered that family members lived in Magog in and around 1901 to 1911. If I make my way to Magog is there anywhere there where I could track their records; address, occupations etc?

  • 2014/07/29 17:50 Anthony said,

    Interested in a visit to Magog. I would appreciate any info you can give me of Magog. Nice restaurants and Bistros. Reasonably priced, friendly accommodation.
    We possibly would visit in August or September this year.

  • 2013/08/07 20:25 Mitchel Graham Connor Sheppard said,

    Hello, I am from Newfoundland and Labrador. Son of Anne Connor Sheppard. My grandparents cottage is located in Austin on Sergeant Bay of Memphremagog. While looking through things to do on the Magog Site, i noticed the name Billy Connor. Who is related to our family one way or another. My mother has told me his legendary story of swimming the lake many times. I love this lakes history. Summer 2013 will be a blast.


  • 2013/03/28 18:43 Tony Kirby said,

    Checking out the old Hotel Memphremagog and came across your site. A lot of memories here.

  • 2012/10/07 14:06 Robert Heat said,

    I was just surfing the net and searched “railroad magog quebec” and eventually came to your site. Brings back memories of my childhood and young adulthood in Georgevile, Magog, etc.

  • 2011/06/30 8:02 Yolande Goulet said,

    Hello, I am originally from Montreal area and in october 2009,I retire and I choose to move in Magog because I like this region very much. Bonjour, Je suis originaire de Montréal et j’ai choisi en octobre 2009 de prendre ma retraite dans cette merveilleuse région de Magog. Tout est beau le paysage, la nature, les montagnes, les fermes à flanc de vallon, les lacs, etc..

  • 2011/06/18 9:22 Andrew Clements said,

    we visited Magog two years ago and intend to visit again this year as we found it to be a very nice place to have a walk around.

  • 2010/12/03 17:28 Lisette Cayer Wickman said,

    I was born in Magog in 1948, at 14 yrs. my family moved to USA, Florida. I have only went back once since then but I still have a very large extended family living there. I love it. It’s beautiful will always bring fond memories to my life there.

  • 2010/07/02 16:59 Pauline Gingras Edwards said,

    I was born in Longueuil – my parents were born in Kateville (St. Catherine d’Hatley)all my family live in Magog, Sherbrooke,Rock Forest,Kateville – I miss Magog ALOT – Thank you for your web site. Je me souviens.

  • 2009/07/25 18:48 tom tuchler said,

    During the summer of 2008, my wife and daughters visited Magog for lunch, and sightseeing. Needless to say, we enjoyed our visit, especially the friendliness of the shop owners/bistro staff. I look forward to another visit. SIncerely, Tom Tuchler

  • 2007/11/01 13:30 Ted Lowther said,

    I refer many friends to this web site who are planning a trip to our cottage during summer months. Thank you for keeping such an interesting site.

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