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Merry Street North

Battles House


Hatley Street

Merry Street South

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Merry South and Hatley Street around 1895

Merry South and Hatley Street around 1895
(courtesy of Mrs. Kathrine Martin of Barrie, Ontario)

Located in this area, were the Protestant Church, hotels and a few shops. Catholics gradually moved away from this center, first by building a chapel on Merry North, where the Community Center is now located. The Hatley Street area was largely built up with residences, many of which had barns to keep their horses and sometimes other livestock. Obviously this picture was taken from a veranda at the Park House Hotel, which burned down in 1905. History records show, that people of Magog went all out to celebrate Dominion Day (now Canada Day) and it is likely the structure shown bottom left was either a bandstand or saluting base for a parade. In top centre we can see Magog Presbyterian Church Steeple.

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